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EU leaders to focus on unity, defence at informal summit******


France's President Emmanuel Macron and EU leaders pose for a family photograph at the Palace of Versailles, near Paris, on March 10, 2022.

Discussions at the informal European Council meeting in Versailles, France, will focus on Europe's approach to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday.

The goal of the two-day summit, the first during France's six-month presidency of the European Union, is to "show, and continue to construct and reinforce the unity of Europe," Macron said.

"We need to prepare ourselves with all the scenarios," he emphasized, referring to Russia's ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

Faced with rising fuel prices, Europe should not be dependent on Russia for gas, he said. It should also be able to supply its own markets, and defend itself independently.

"France depends less than others on gas...but Europe depends on gas, and 40 percent is Russian gas," he said.

Meanwhile, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that "this is a defining moment for Europe."

At the summit, heads of state and government will discuss how to boost European defence capacities, she said. Europe also needs massive investment in renewables in order to remove its energy dependency, she added.

During the talks, leaders are also expected to tackle issues related to the accession of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to the EU.

Powell renominated as Fed chair, disappointing Democratic progressives******


Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell (right) speaks as President Joe Biden listens during an announcement at the South Court Auditorium of Eisenhower Executive Office Building on November 22, 2021, in Washington, DC.。

US FederalReserve Chair Jerome Powell underscored his commitment toputting climate change at the center of the central bank'spolicymaking decisions during his conversations with PresidentJoe Biden, the White House said on Monday.。

Biden on Monday renominated Powell, a Republican, to anotherfour-year stint at the helm of the Fed, disappointing Democraticprogressives who had pushed the White House to name a tough newregulatory chief to crack down on banks on issues such asclimate change and fair lending.。

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, press secretaryJen Psaki said the Fed had taken important steps forward underPowell, including identifying climate change as a key risk thatneeds to be addressed, working with other central banks tomitigate climate change, and hiring a top climate economist.。

"He did reiterate his commitment to that during theirdiscussions," Psaki said.。

Psaki said Biden hopes to make decisions soon on how hewould like to fill the seats that remain open on the FederalReserve's Board of Governors.。

"He is hoping to make decisions soon," she said.。

Biden has three other Fed seats to fill, including the vicechair for supervision, and intends to pick those in earlyDecember, the White House said earlier on Monday.。

Critics fault Powell for not moving more decisively toaddress climate change in his first term.。

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who held the top Fed jobbefore Powell, told CNBC earlier the central bank was nowgearing up to include analysis of climate change as part of itsstress testing because it "poses a major risk to financialinstitutions."

"The Fed has made considerable strides on bringingevaluation of how climate risks affect the banks it supervises.It's doing very good work on that, and is gearing up ... to doscenario analysis of the risks facing the banks and to use it insupervision," Yellen said.。

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CBA Roundup: Guangdong moves past Zhejiang, Shanxi upsets Xinjiang******

ZHUJI, China, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Defending champions the Guangdong Southern Tigers routed the Zhejiang Golden Bulls 110-94 in the third round of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) here on Thursday, extending their unbeaten record in the new season.

Ren Junfei led the Guangdong scoring with 20 points, with Zhao Rui adding 18 points. Zhu Xuhang pitched in a game-high 31 points for Zhejiang.

Both teams smashed their opponents in the previous round, yet their eye-catching clash turned out to be one-sided for Guangdong.

After a close 61-58 first half, Guangdong hit a 14-4 run at the beginning of the third quarter to lead the game by double-digit for the first time. Zeng Fanri and Ren Junfei's points in the paint stretched their lead to near 20 points as Zhejiang struggled to find their rhythm on the offense end.

Zhejiang managed a few shots later, but Guangdong maintained its dominance until the final whistle.

"I appreciate the energy of Zhejiang's young players, and I hope our young players can learn from that," said Guangdong coach Du Fen.

Elsewhere on Thursday, the Shanxi Loongs smashed the Xinjiang Flying Tigers 112-97.

Shanxi came out strong right after the game whistle, nailing a three-pointer and eight consecutive points in the paint and built a seven point advantage entering the second quarter, where they took advantage of Xinjiang's problematic defense for a 41-52 advantage.

Although Shanxi struggled in offense at the beginning of the third quarter, Yuan Shuai and Xing Zhiqiang gradually recovered their form beyond the arc and helped Shanxi resist the comeback effort by Xinjiang.

Kahlil Felder had 25 points, eight rebounds and 12 assists for Shanxi, while Yu Dehao led Xinjiang with 20 points. He also contributed 12 rebounds and eight assists.

Also on Thursday, the Tianjing Pioneers defeated the Qingdao Eagles 91-79, the Guangzhou Loong Lions edged the Beijing Royal Fighters 102-98, the Shenzhen Aviators dominated the Jiangsu Dragons 107-85, and the Liaoning Flying Tigers beat the Jilin Northeast Tigers 103-88. Enditem

CBA Roundup: Beijing crushes Sichuan, Guangdong embraces fourth consecutive win******

ZHUJI, China, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Ducks romped to a 101-66 victory over the Sichuan Blue Whales, while the Guangdong Southern Tigers overcame the Shanghai Sharks 112-97 for a four-game winning streak in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) here on Sunday.

Sichuan captain Chen Chen grabbed a game-high 18 points and seven rebounds while Beijing point guard Liu Xiaoyu contributed 15 points.

Twin towers Li Muhao and Fan Ziming launched an aggressive attack to help Beijing take a 28-19 lead in the first quarter. Though Beijing head coach Yannis Christopoulos put substitutes on the court in the second quarter, Sichuan did not seize the opportunity to fight back, only to cut the deficit to 43-35.

After the interval, Li and Fan continued their momentum to deliver a 16-2 run for Beijing, forcing Sichuan to call a time out. However, Sichuan still could not find their rhythm back to the game, lagging behind 27 points in the third quarter. Losing hope to reverse, Sichuan gifted Beijing an overwhelming victory.

Elsewhere, Shanghai and Guangdong witnessed a seesaw battle in the first quarter as both teams had high accuracy in three-pointers. Entering the second quarter with a two-point edge, Guangdong enlarged the gap to 50-45 thanks to Zhao Rui's leading role by contributing 12 points personally.

In the second half, facing Guangdong's pressure, Shanghai strived to make a comeback but did not make any breakthrough. In the last five minutes, Zhou Peng's continuous scoring under the basket locked the final win for Guangdong.

Zhou notched 31 points and 12 rebounds, while Zhao added 18 points. Guo Haowen pocketed a team-high 28 points for Shanghai.

Also on Sunday, the Shenzhen Aviators beat the Fujian Sturgeons 100-93, and the Shandong Heroes defeated the Nanjing Monkey Kings 102-90. The Jilin Northeast Tigers thrashed the Ningbo Rockets 111-86, while the Zhejiang Lions eased past the Guangzhou Loong Lions 93-67. Enditem

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